Tax planning Vs Tax Prep

Tax planning Vs Tax Prep


Don’t Settle for Generalized or “End of the Year” Tax Planning


Have you ever heard the saying, “Death and taxes are the only certainties in the world”?

Fortunately, when it comes to taxes, you have a lot of control over how much goes to the government. The average American struggles to understand their own tax burden, and business tax compliance is even more complicated and confusing. The tax code is over 80,000 pages long—that means even the best CPAs can’t be experts in every area and strategy.

Because of the complicated rules and generalized knowledge of most CPAs, many businesses just follow a standard tax plan. This leads them to giving more taxes to the government than then legally need to.

Customized tax reduction strategies can be extraordinarily valuable, and that’s where we come in.
Our team of specialist include experts from across the financial and legal fields. This wide-ranging expertise gives us an advantage over other tax-planning agencies.

We find joy in studying the tax code, knowing the tax code, and helping our clients keep more of the money they make.

Should You Use Your CPA for Tax Planning?

Maybe you like your CPA. They are fantastic at their job. But the fact remains, tax planning is not their specialty.

Most accountants focus all their time on tax preparation, which is recording the history their client gives them. Recording history is important and there is value in doing it correctly.

When you build a skyscraper, you hire an architect to design the building and an engineer to implement the architect’s design in the best way possible.

Just as you wouldn’t expect an engineer to do the architect’s job, you shouldn’t expect your CPA to be a tax planner. Effective tax planning is a different skill set and a different process. It is not an “end of the year” event.

It is an ongoing process to reduce your tax burden. This strategic process involves much more than simple tax write-offs or putting money into a retirement plan. This process integrates your personal taxes, your business taxes, your personal financial planning, your business financial plan, your succession plan, your estate plan, and your investments into one plan

Your CPA or tax prep specialist simply doesn’t have the time to comb through 80,000+ pages of tax code. They can’t spend days or weeks developing the best possible plan to minimize taxes and maximize your wealth.

A good tax planner will make your CPA and financial planner more effective. They will work with your advisors to find the most creative tax-reducing strategies. This combined effort will optimize your savings and allows you to keep more of the money you make.

Increase Your Revenue and Grow Your Business with a Tax Reduction Plan
When you work with a tax planning firm to cut your tax bill by around 50%, the results can be astronomical. Here are some of the major advantages for your small business:
1. Slash your tax bill
Most business owners pay more taxes than necessary. Our customized tax reduction strategies don’t just look for deductions. Our holistic approach restructures your finances to slash your current tax burden.
2. Increase cash flow
Every dollar you save on taxes means a healthier bottom line. It means more savings for retirement. More money you can spend on vacation. It’s more money you are free to do whatever you want with.
Taxes are one of the most significant business expenses and reducing them makes a big difference. Our strategies don’t simply look at reducing your taxes in the short term. They also minimize taxes long term, so your cash flow continues to increase as time goes on.

3. Fund future growth
When you give less money to the government you choose what to do with your money. By funneling tax savings back into your business, you can grow in new and exciting ways. You could use newfound savings to invest in new technology, hire employees, replace outdated infrastructure, and more.
We use holistic planning to get you the biggest deductions possible. We’ll work with your accountant to develop and implement a plan to keep more money in your pockets. We can create tax savings that the average accountant can’t because our team includes specialists from across the financial and legal industries. You can also rest assured that our strategies are 100% legal and audit-proof.


  • Our Process
    • We analyze last year’s taxes.
    • We conduct a free consultation
    • We create a 30-60+ page report to sum up our findings based on last year’s taxes and our consultation
    • We show you the estimated amount of taxes you overpaid last year, an estimated overpayment of taxes this year if you follow the same path and next year if you follow the same path.
    • We look at anywhere from 5-50 different tax strategies, and a combination of, for you to implement to reduce your taxes
    • We look at strategies we utilize for advanced retirement planning and for business succession/exit planning. Many of these strategies are only known to advisors if they work with business owners in advanced planning strategies. Again, this is why we work with a TEAM of advisors.
    • We show you how implementing these strategies will protect your business, reduce your taxes, and create more cash flow so you can expand your business, increase your lifestyle, and save more for retirement
    • We create a 30-60+ page report summoning up these findings.
    • We show you a strategy to create tax free passive income that is shielded from the markets and creditors.
    • We review investment accounts, life insurance, estate plans, and all other documents pertaining to your financial security. We want you to have more control over your finances and pay less in taxes.
Pension Maximization

Pension Maximization

The typically defined benefit pension plan may pose several challenges for your clients—mostly, a potentially lower monthly income during retirement, as well as a lack of flexibility to change the beneficiary or the election option. The pension maximization strategy can help your clients gain death benefit protection while making the most out of a pension plan.


Longevity Planning

Longevity Planning

Life expectancy is increasing. Health care costs are on the rise. Long Term Care costs are on the rise. Taxes are on the rise. The stock market has no guarantees.  Longevity Planning is a strategy that helps your clients prepare for a long, healthy retirement, while also providing for loved ones in case of death. The desire to travel, a new home, new hobbies, and gifting assets are all desires that might be beyond your client’s current plan for income replacement in their later years. An unexpected illness might also make a long retirement more costly.


Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Legacy Building is a strategy that uses permanent life insurance to offer death benefit protection and efficiently pass on assets to beneficiaries. Typically, the strategy starts with funds the client already plans to pass along to the family. These funds are used to purchase a life insurance policy, which may immediately increase the amount in the form of the death benefit.


Income Protection

Income Protection

Help protect the future of your client’s family in the event of the loss of a wage-earner or non-wage-earner through the death benefit protection offered by life insurance.