“What if everything you’ve learned about saving for retirement is wrong?”

It is not about the money you make. It is about how much money you get to keep.

Personal Financial Planning

Creating a Privatized Banking System
Cash Flow and Debt Elimination Planning
Tax-Free Retirement Plan with no Contribution Limit
Estate and Legacy Planning
Tax Strategies

Disability Insurance

Retirement Protection
Student Loan Coverage

Business Planning

Exit and Succession Planning
Life Insurance in Succession Planning
Cash Flow and Tax Reduction Strategies
Financing Needs
Key Man Insurance
Buy-Sell Agreement
Corporate Financial Education
Employee Retention
Defined Benefit Plan
Fully Insured Defined Benefit Plan
Cash Balance Plan
Profit Sharing Plan
Roth 401 (K)
Money Purchase Plan
Cross Purchase Buy Sell
Entity Purchase
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)
Executive Bonus 162 Plan

Business Owner Disability

Disability Buyout Insurance
Overheard Expense
Business Loan Payments

Workplace Benefits

Critical illness
Life Insurance
Cancer Insurance

Self-Funded Health Insurance

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