Andrew’s entrepreneurial career began as a young child, mowing lawns for the neighbors and doing other odd-ball jobs. His entrepreneurial spirit has continued to this day, as he always has multiple irons in the fire. 

He began investing in real estate at the age of 19. He owned a construction company, an insurance agency and graduated with a degree in economics and political science along the way. That education has since served him well and gives him a different perspective than most advisors.   

Throughout his real estate investing and ownership of multiple businesses, he was approached often by financial advisors to invest in the stock market. While in college, he discovered his love for the stock market and picking stocks, but as a business owner, he believed his resources should go into the business first. This love for picking stocks led him to his first job as a financial advisor. 

He began his career as a financial advisor at a top firm, but he was not satisfied with its clients’ approach. Their focus was accumulating assets and selling products, and he saw many flaws in this approach.  

Growing up, his father was a tax auditor, so he was awfully familiar with the impact taxes have on income. He understood that tax management and cash flow management are just as important or more important than the rate of return in a portfolio. There needs to be a balance that gives you safety, certainty, and confidence to live the life you desire without going into a never-ending debt hole. 

His desire to reduce his client’s tax burden was so strong, his financial planning practice paused, and he worked at a tax firm for a year to learn not only more about tax planning, but also how to do tax returns. This gives him the knowledge to recognize areas of concern others may not see.

He has taken many courses on taxes and has continued working towards his Enrolled Agent’s certification. (Similar to a CPA.) His next professional goal is to become a Certified Exit Planner Advisor and help business owners create plans to exit their business safely and securely on their terms. 

Andrew understands the financial needs and goals for business owners, retirees, young professionals, and real estate investors are quite different. To address these unique needs, he takes a different and unique approach to each client. He has established great relationships with lawyers, CPAs, Medicare experts, and other professionals to ensure his clients work with a team that all speaks the same language.

Cash flow planning, minimizing taxes, and minimizing other risks are at the foundation of his practice. His favorite part of his job is teaching people about Infinite Banking and creating their own family banking system.  

Andrew is an avid outdoorsman, with an eight-year-old son that loves wrestling. You will find them hunting or wrestling during the winter. Andrew trained in martial arts and wrestling most of his life and fought professionally for a while. He loves coaching his son in these areas.   

During the summer, you will find them on the lake, riding motorcycles, or out in the country every weekend. 

A word from Andrew

My goal is to vastly improve your life by providing you with the correct financial information needed to make the best financial decisions possible for you and your family. I hope I introduce you to new thoughts and spark new ideas that give way to a journey you never knew existed.

Being wealthy is much more than accumulating assets. It does no good to continue accumulating assets if those assets can disappear in a flash. With proper knowledge and planning, we will help you create AND keep the lifestyle you want to live.