Whether you recognize it or not, you finance everything you buy. You either pay interest to financing companies, such as a bank, or you give up the interest/profit you would have otherwise earned on your money when you pay cash for your purchases.   

     It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a strategy in which you you don’t have to give up this profit. It’s called Infinite Banking. Infinite Banking is a financial strategy that allows you to take control of both your savings and your debt obligations, and, in essence, allows you to create your own private bank.  

Time to start thinking like a banker and Reclaim the Banking Function In You Life 

            In the world of personal finance, who controls most of the money? Who profits the most? Who always makes money, no matter what the economy or job market is doing? THE BANK OWNER!  

            Would you own a bank if you could? OF COURSE, YOU WOULD! 

     If banks kept hundreds of billons of dollars in a safe account that earned them 4-7% every single year, would you want to know about it? If it is good enough for banks, shouldn’t it be good enough for you? 

Bankers think differently than most people. They use other people’s money to multiply their wealth. 

     Bankers know that the real money opportunity comes from the interest people pay them on everything from cars, to homes, to student loans, to credit cards. 

     We are taught to accumulate wealth and to give our money to Wall Street and to the banks. WHY?  So they can  create wealth for themselves.

     Bankers and Wall Street tell you to park your money with them, yet they deploy your money and keep your money in motion to create more wealth for themselves. Keeping money in motion is called velocity of money.

They don’t park your money, so why should you?  

     Most people think like “consumers,” and so they consume their wealth. But, if you look up the word “consume,” it means “to destroy.” Consumers are Wealth Destroyers. Do you want to continue destroying your wealth? 

     What if you could consume AND make build wealth at the same time? Would you want to do it? OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t you?  

     If you could be your own financing source for homes, cars, vacations, college tuition, and pay the interest back to YOUR private family bank and build YOUR wealth instead of someone else’s wealth, would you do it? OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t you? 

     What if you could collect 4-6% return on your money every single year, instead of the .5% the banks pay you, would you do it? What if you have access to that money and you never have to pay taxes on that money, would you do it?  OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t you? 

     Would you like to self-finance a business startup? If you already have a business, would you like to finance your cash flow and simultaneously build your personal wealth? OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t you? 

     We are in a time of low interest rates, so you probably do not think about the interest you pay to the bank. But it’s not about the interest rate  you pay, it is about the VOLUME of interest you pay.  

     If you want to start living like a banker, building wealth like a banker, and retire like a banker, you must start thinking like a banker. We will help you create your own private family bank using a tax-favored financial vehicle we are all familiar with, yet few people understand. It’s  strategy the wealthy use, and one you have probably never heard of.  


Protecting your money from destroyers of wealth:

Have you ever been asked what’s more important:

           How much money you make, or how much of that money you actually get to keep?

     It’s not enough to simply make money. You have to protect your money.


  • Loss due to Market Loss
  • Fees paid to Advisors
  • Taxes 
  • Inflation
  • Lawsuits because of Inadequate Insurance (Business, Home, Auto, Umbrella)
  • Interest charges paid to the bank or credit card companies OR Interest/Profit you have given up because you interrupt compounding interest. 

Learn how to make your money work for you.

Money is a means of exchange for things we want in our life.
We are taught that money works in a certain way.

Because of what we’ve been taught, we do things with money that we’d never do with what things money buys.

In that process, we keep ourselves from multiplying our money to the extent of creating sustainable wealth.

It’s time to stop this cycle and discover the strategies known by the wealthy for the last two hundred years. Get ready to recapture all the money you are paying to everyone else!

Wealth does not  just happen.

You have to actively make it happen.

How did Walt Disney build Disney World? 

How did Ray Krok build McDonald’s?

How have the Rockefeller Family stayed so wealthy and so powerful for so long?

How did the Vanderbilt’s stay so wealthy and powerful for so long?

Why do Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, R. Nelson Nash all talk about these secrets? 

What’s the difference between these folks and you?

Information and Action

We are giving you the information. The rest is up to you.


Do what the Banks do,

Not what they tell you to do.



 Become Your own Private Banker


Become your own private banker and recapture all the money you typically pay to the banks, credit card companies, or anyone else that finances your lifestyle.


If you pay cash, we will show you how much money you are losing and show you a better way to pay for your lifestyle without going into debt.




A Few Tax Rules Used By The Wealthy

A Few Tax Rules Used By The Wealthy

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IBC Policy & Real Estate Investing

IBC Policy & Real Estate Investing

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