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Here at Blackstone, we’re all about maximizing potential. 

By combining different planning areas into a comprehensive strategy that moves our clients towards their goals with synergy and cohesiveness, we’re able to help deliver them to the fullest potential of their retirements.


We believe one of the most significant ways to improve your financial outlook is to reduce your tax burden. 

With an ever-increasing national debt and spending on the federal level at a rate the world has never seen before, it can be hard for advisors and economists to envision a future where taxes will be lower than what they are currently.

We help our clients deploy tax-mitigating strategies and reclassifications that can lower their overall liability and even produce TAX-FREE cash flow throughout their lifetime and in retirement. 


While most investors and savers use some form of tax-deferred retirement savings vehicles such as a 401(k) or a traditional IRA, less are privy to the benefits of converting to and contributing to a Roth IRA.

Not only does it provide an individual more freedom and autonomy over their fund selections, but it’s also taxed on the contribution side – meaning growth within the account and withdrawals from it are tax-free. 

By utilizing a Roth IRA, our clients are able to have a diverse mix of different types of money in their financial portfolios.


Life insurance us one of the most valuable assets you can own. 

Some of the ways that we use life insurance:

  • As a Savings Vehicle for liquid capital, often earning a much higher rate of return than what banks pay.
  • As part of your retirement plan, offering tax-free income, no contribution limits, no income limits, and principal protection.
  • To offset the costs of a long-term care stay.  Using a chronic illness rider or long-term care rider, you can access your death benefit to pay for a long-term care stay.
  • A critical illness rider may allow us to access the death benefit to cover expenses related to terminal diseases.
  • Estate Equalization:  life insurance provides a source to equalize an inheritance.
  • Multi-Generational Wealth:  The death benefit from a life insurance policy passes down to your heirs tax-free.
  • For Business Owners:  Life insurance can be used to cover a key-person’s death inside of a business, to incentivize employees, and to aid in buy/sell agreements.


Infinite banking is a concept popularized by the author Nelson Nash, and teaches you to move money through properly structured high-cash value permanent life insurance. This system functions and profits much like a bank. 

You can use this system as a place to hold liquid capital and experience safe, steady, and predictable compounding growth. The cash flow created inside the policy is accessible tax-free and penalty-free.

It allows you to better control the banking function in your life. This includes paying loans back on your schedule, not a bank’s schedule. There is no application required to borrow money, no credit check, the loan-to-value on your real estate does not matter, nor does your debt-to-income matter.

How does it work?  You borrow money from the life insurance company, in a similar fashion, as you would a bank. Instead of using a car, house, or another asset as collateral, the life insurance company uses a portion of your death benefit as collateral.


Security through flexibility.

By introducing clients to differently-structured life insurance policies, we hope to identify and deploy a strategy that’s completely customized to them, their current financial standing, and aspirations for the future. 

There are ways to set up these policies in a manner where cash value within can be accessed like a checking account.

The Flex Method addresses both needs you have today and future events, but is agile enough to be adjusted and allows you to not be locked into a long-term commitment with particular requirements.


We work to create a retirement plan that will identify and reduce as many of these financial risks as possible:

  • Tax-Rate Risk
  • Longevity Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Sequence of Returns Risk
  • Inflation Risk
  • Withdrawal Rate Risk
  • Medicare Risk
  • Long-Term Care Risk
  • Social Security Risk
  • Cash Flow Risk
Our goal is to create a plan that takes as many of the risks off the table as possible. 


Income is the lifeblood of retirement.

We utilize strategies that allow us to create guaranteed income streams for you that are not subject to the volatility of the markets. 

Tax rates are ever-changing. A large percentage of Americans today have the majority of their assets held in tax-deferred accounts like 401(k)s, Traditional IRAs, 403(b)s, etc. For this reason, taxes are also heavily factored into your income plan.  

Costs will continue to rise as inflation steadily rises and eats away at the purchasing power of your hard-earned money.

Be proactive and keep your money growing to hedge against the rising costs of goods!


A retirement plan that does not include strategies for the safe and effective distribution of your estate is an incomplete retirement plan.

There are many different things you can choose to do with your money after you pass. You can leave it all to a spouse, you can disperse it amongst future generations, you can donate it all to charity…

Whatever your wishes of what you would like your legacy to be, we want to help you ensure those assets reach their intended destinations intact and as tax-efficient as possible.


Everyone develops their own investment strategies, but many don’t know how much or how frequently that needs to change over time.

When you’re young, time is on your side and you may have the ability to recoup your losses. Unfortunately, these losses come with opportunity costs. 

When you near retirement age, you’re no longer afforded the same luxury.

Your investment portfolio needs to reflect your own ability to withstand risk. By custom-tailoring your investment vehicles to your current financial stage and goals, we can help you stay focused on enjoying your golden years.

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