You make the call

Question: Laura is a U.S. citizen and is employed by a foreign hospital in Jamaica, where she works as a physician. Is she required to pay U.S. FICA taxes on [...]

Initial batch of IRS Letter 105 C to be mailed to 20,000 taxpayers right before holidays

The IRS is starting its compliance initiatives to combat erroneous ERC claims by sending Letter 105 C, Claim Disallowed, to taxpayers who claimed the credit and their entity did not [...]

Enhance your tax expertise: fixed assets and depreciation

Properly categorizing assets as deductible or capitalizable can lead to significant tax savings and minimize errors in tax returns. This also allows you to provide valuable advice on asset management, [...]

Learn how to prepare taxes for a deceased taxpayer

Death can be an unpleasant subject, but every tax pro needs to be ready for the day when someone who has lost a family member walks into your office looking [...]

You make the call

Question: Suzanne and Mike Sparks, a married couple, transferred their assets, including rental properties, to a single qualified revocable trust of which they were both considered grantors. As such, the [...]


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